The Living and the Dead, Repeater Books 2016


The Living and the Dead examines the boundaries between the worlds of life and death.

The text draws upon philosophy, ethnography, literature and natural science to suggest that life and death are best understood not in opposition, but as continuous tendencies acting upon one another. Austin Locke argues that the failure to give nuanced consideration to the connections between the living and nonliving devalues both life and death. In doing so, he suggests that our ability to respond to the challenges of environmental degradation, technological advancement, and the dominance of economic logic depend in part on more fluid understandings of the relationship between life and death.

Paperback ISBN: 978-1910924327 (£8.99 UK/ $14.95 US/ $15.95 CAN)


“Toby Austin Locke’s The Living and the Dead ventures into the nebulous interconnectedness of life and death in an astute and bold way…. Deeply intellectual, The Living and the Dead is a challenging and intriguing counterpoint to the modern embrace of the static and the tangible.”

Meagan Logsdon (Foreword Reviews)


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